SL 3D printer 3DSL-1600

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SL 3D Printer 

3DSL-1600 is an industrial-grade large format stereo-lithography SLA 3D printer, designed for industrial-scale manufacturing. The dual laser scanning enables production of large unified finished parts and mass production. The large 3D printer provides highly precise large parts with fine surface finish and is compatible with a wide range of resin materials for different mechanical purposes. If you need to produce large-size prototype or mass-production parts, our 3DSL-1600 is an ideal choice for you.

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Max build volume: 1600*800*550mm (Standard 550mm, depth of resin tank is customizable)

Max productivity: 800g/h

Resin endurance: 50kg


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  • Model 3DSL-1600
    X-Y axis form size 1600mm×800mm
    Z axis form size 100-550mm
    Machine size 2450mm×1580mm×2200mm
    Machine weight 2800kg
    Start package 1100kg(1050kg+50kg)
    Printing efficiency max 800g/h
    Max printing weight 120kg
    Resin endurance 50kg
    Scanning method Fixed beam scanning
    Forming accuracy ±0.1mm(L≤100mm),±0.1%×L(L>100mm)
    Resin heating method hot air heating (optional)
    Max scanning speed 8-15m/s
    Resin type SZUV-W8001(white), SZUV-S9006(high toughness), SZUV-S9008(flexible), SZUV-C6006(clear), SZUV-T100(high temperature resistance), SZUV-P01(moisture-proof), others
    Laser type 355nm solid-state laser ×2
    Laser power 3w@50KHz
    Scanning system galvanometric scanner 
    Recoating method intelligent positioning vacuum recoating
    Layer thickness 0.03- 0.25mm(standard: 0.1mm; precision: 0.03- 0.1mm; efficiency: 0.1- 0.25mm)
    Elevation motor high-precision servo motor
    Resolution 0.001mm
    Repositioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
    Datum platform marble
    Operation system Windows7/ 10
    Control software SHDM SLA 3D Printer Control Software V2.0
    File format STL / SLC file
    Internet Ethernet / Wi-fi
    Power input 220VAC,50HZ,16A
    Temperature/humidity 24-28℃/35-45%
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