Education industry application


Middle and high vocational colleges and undergraduate colleges can apply for 3D printing technology professional (the direction of 3D printing industry application), and can also integrate professional integration with colleges and universities to open a new type of composite major. Professional positioning can be divided into three directions:

1. Combine existing processing and manufacturing majors (mechanical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electromechanical technology, mold technology, numerical control technology, shipbuilding, etc.);

2. Combine existing industrial design majors (clothing design, construction engineering, product design, plastic molding, furniture design and production, etc.).

3. Combined with the existing industrial art majors (industrial art, art design and production, digital imaging technology, etc.).


Expertised 3D talent training


Pay more attention to practical operation ability and development ability, and liberate students' innovative thinking and practical ability. From curriculum design to student internships to final graduate work recommendations, our goal is to unite schools and develop more 3D printing talents.

Employment options:

Ⅰ. Employment direction: product design, reverse engineering, prototyping, product testing, product verification, etc.;

Ⅱ. Business category: automotive, mold, medical (dental, medical aid), architectural design, jewelry, clothing, toys, movie props, footwear, research institutes, 3D printing companies, etc.;

Entrepreneurship direction:

You can set up an Internet-based 3D printing cloud production platform and open a service network; you can open a creative studio to receive product design, reverse engineering, 3D inspection, product sample preparation, product verification, etc.; you can open a service-oriented 3D for customers. Print physical store; can set up marketing, after-sales team, set up sales company for 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment;

You can open 3D printing physical store, provide personalized service, which can customize products for customers; even more, you can set up marketing and after-sales team, then build up a 3D printing or 3D scanning equipment sales company.

Hosting national 3D competition


Promote teaching, learning, use, innovation by competition

In July 2017, the 10th Anniversary Elite League of the National 3D Contest held in Karamay, Xinjiang, there were more than 50 teams participating in the “Digital Cup” digital creative design and intelligent manufacturing competition.

In September 2017, the second China 3D Printing Creative Design Competition was held in Xi'an with more than 80 teams participating in the competition.

In December 2017, in the 10th National 3D Contest Finals held in Yuxi, Yunnan, there were more than 50 teams participating in the “Digital Cup” digital creative design and intelligent manufacturing competition.


Products recommemded

All series of 3D printers and 3D scanners