Analysis of 3D scanning applications


3D scanners are widely used. It can be said that any 3D scanner can be used to create a 3D data model from a physical object.

Car manufacturing


The design and development process of vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles is like above.


Carving industry


With the 3D scanner, the designer only needs to engrave a template and scan it with a 3D scanner. The rest of the work can be done in the engraving machine, which greatly increases production efficiency.

Artwork imitation


Many masterpieces of art and precious cultural relics are very popular among the public. The emergence of non-contact scanners makes these classics mass-produced into reality. Get a 3D model by scanning and hand it over to a 3D printer to quickly copy classic artwork.

Scanners recommended

Structured light 3D scanner

Handheld laser 3D scanner