• SL 3D printer 3DSL-800

    SL 3D printer 3DSL-800

    3DSL-800 is an industrial-grade large-format stereo-lithography SLA 3D printer, compatible with a variety of 3D printing materials for large-batch printing. Its integrated modular design ensures high stability and high precision. 800mm*800mm print size allows realization of many industrial parts.


  • SL 3D printer 3DSL-1600

    SL 3D printer 3DSL-1600

    SL 3D Printer 

    3DSL-1600 is an industrial-grade large format stereo-lithography SLA 3D printer, designed for industrial-scale manufacturing. The dual laser scanning enables production of large unified finished parts and mass production. The large 3D printer provides highly precise large parts with fine surface finish and is compatible with a wide range of resin materials for different mechanical purposes. If you need to produce large-size prototype or mass-production parts, our 3DSL-1600 is an ideal choice for you.

  • SL 3D printer 3DSL-360

    SL 3D printer 3DSL-360

    3DSL-360 is a petite-size SLA 3D printer that is economic, efficient, and stable.

    Max build volume: 360*360*300 mm (standard 300mm, depth of resin tank is customizable)

  • SL 3D printer-3DSL-600

    SL 3D printer-3DSL-600

    3DSL-600 is an industrial-grade large-format stereo-lithography SLA 3D printer, compatible with a variety of 3D printing materials for small-batch printing. It provides an ideal solution for small-batch printing with high efficiency, accuracy and stability.