Since the occurrence of Covid-19, 3D printing technology has provided strong support for fighting the epidemic and strengthening prevention and control. The nation’s first 3D model of a new type of coronavirus lung infection case was successfully modeled and printed. 3D printed medical goggles, aided the fight against the “epidemic” frontline, and 3D printed mask connection belts and other information received widespread attention from people from all walks of life. In fact, this is not the first time that 3D printing technology has made its mark in the medical field. The introduction of additive manufacturing technology into the medical field is regarded as a new revolution in the medical field and has gradually penetrated into applications such as surgical planning, training models, personalized medical devices, and personalized artificial implants.
As one of the pioneers in China’s 3D printing industry, SHDM, with a large number of mature cases and application results in the field of precision medicine. This time, co-operated with director Zhang Yubing, an orthopedic expert at the Second People’s Hospital of Anhui Province, opened a dedicated online knowledge sharing session on the subject. The content relates to Director Zhang Yubing’s real rare clinical cases and practical application results and shares the four aspects of 3D printing in orthopedic medical application introduction, data processing, surgical planning models, and surgical guides.
Through the application of 3D digital medical technology in orthopedic clinics, due to its personalized customization, three-dimensional visual display, accurate treatment and other characteristics, it has fundamentally changed the measures of surgery. And has penetrated all aspects of surgical navigation in orthopedics, doctor-patient communication, teaching, scientific research and clinical application.
Data processing
Data acquisition-modeling and tool design-data slice support design-3D printing model
Surgery planning Model

3D printed orthopedic surgery guide
The use of 3D printing technology to design and print the bone surface contact plate with guiding effect is the 3D printed orthopedic surgery guide plate. The 3D printed orthopedic surgical guide is a personalized surgical tool designed based on the special 3D software design and 3D printing required according to the needs of the surgery. It is used to accurately locate the position, direction, and depth of points and lines during the surgery to assist the precision during the surgery. Establish channels, sections, spatial distances, mutual angular relationships, and other complex spatial structures.

This sharing has once again stimulated the upsurge of innovative medical applications. During the course, doctors in the professional field have reposted the courses in their professional communication WeChat group and circle of friends, which shows that doctors’ enthusiasm for 3D innovative applications and also sufficiently proving the unique status of 3D printing technology in the medical field, I believe that with the continuous exploration of doctors, more application directions will be developed, and the unique application of 3D printing in medical care will become wider and wider.
A 3D printer is a tool in a sense, but when it is combined with other technologies, coupled with specific application areas, it can exert unlimited value and imagination. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of China’s medical market share, the development of 3D printed medical products has become the general trend. Government departments at all levels in China have also continuously introduced a number of policies to support the development of the medical 3D printing industry. We firmly believe that with the continuous development of additive manufacturing technology, it will definitely bring more disruptive innovations to the medical field and the medical industry. SHDM will also continue to deepen its cooperation with the medical industry to promote the medical industry to become intelligent, efficient and professional.

Post time: Mar-26-2020