In order to better explain to the customer the specific location of the drug operation, a pharmaceutical company decided to make a biological model of the body to achieve better demonstration and explanation, and entrusted our company to complete the overall printing production and external overall planning.


The first printing uses transparent resin to complete the color effect


 The second printing is done in a single color with high toughness resin

3D printing technology is used to make biological solid models. In addition to a high degree of simulation, 3D printing technology can directly produce final products from imaging data, so that scaled models can be produced and quickly tested, which also save more materials for projects that doesn’t require full-scale models.

In recent years, with the development of 3D printing technology and the increase in demand for precision and personalized medical care, 3D printing technology has been significantly developed in terms of breadth and depth of application in the medical industry. In terms of the breadth of application, the initial rapid manufacturing of medical models has gradually developed to 3D printing to directly manufacture hearing aid shells, implants, complex surgical instruments and 3D printed medicines. In terms of depth, 3D printing of inanimate medical devices is developing towards printing artificial tissues and organs with biological activity.

The main application directions of current 3D printing technology in the medical field:

1. Surgery preview model

2. Surgical guide

3. Dental applications

4. Orthopedic applications

5. Skin repair

6. Biological tissues and organs

7. Rehabilitation medical equipment

8. Personalized pharmacy

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Post time: Oct-16-2020