3D printer to produce industrial product prototype

Compared with the traditional manufacturing process of industrial products, with the help of 3D printing technology and equipment, the producers can use computer software, etc. to draw a figure of a product and print its three-dimensional shape. After careful observation and analysis, the production personnel can modify the corresponding parameters to adjust the function of the components to an optimal state. Selective laser sintering 3D printing, SLA 3D printing, and metal laser sintering 3D printing technology are gradually applied to machine tool manufacturing, automobile complex parts construction and other fields. In terms of industrial product prototype design, 3D printing technology plays an increasingly important role.

1.Product concept and prototype design

A product needs to go through numerous tests from the preliminary design, development, testing to the final production. 3D printing can quickly verify the design effect throughout product concept development and prototype design.

For example, during research and development of VR virtual engine, SamSung China Research Center once needed to use unity engine to make projection effect and compare it with actual model. In order to ensure the experimental results, a considerable number of models need to be designed for model rendering design and production. Finally, 3D printing technology is used to quickly produce the finished model for R & D verification.

1Rapid production of finished products for design verification

2.Functional verification

After the product is designed, function test is generally required to verify the performance, and 3D printing can assist function verification by directly or indirectly manufacturing products with certain material properties and parameters. For example, in the research and development of industrial machines by an manufacturer in Jiangsu Province, the manufacturer used 3D printing technology to make parts of industrial machines, assembled them and conducted functional verification in order to verify the performance of industrial machines.

23D printing industrial products for function verification

3.Small batch production

The traditional production mode of industrial products usually relies on mould production, which is costly and takes long time. Instead, 3D printing technology can produce finished products directly in small batch, which not only saves costs, but also greatly saves production time. For example, an industrial manufacturer in Zhejiang used 3D printing technology make non-durable parts in small batch once the parts on the machine reached its service life, which greatly saves the cost and time.

33D printing small batch production of finished products

The above are some application scenarios and cases for 3D printing technology in industrial product prototype production. If you want to know more about 3D printer quote and more 3D printing application solutions, please leave a message online.



Post time: Jun-22-2020