3D scanner can be divided into two categories: desktop 3D scanner and industrial 3D scanner. Desktop 3D scanners are more commonly used by individuals or primary and secondary schools; And with enterprise users and universities, higher vocational colleges is a strong professional industrial 3D scanner.

So which brand of industrial grade 3D scanner is good? Customers generally recognize Shanghai digital manufacturing co., LTD., as one of the earliest industrial 3D scanner r & d manufacturers in China, Shanghai digital manufacturing co., LTD. Has attracted domestic and foreign customers with its high quality products and perfect after-sales service system for many years.


For industrial grade 3 d scanners, in general, scanning the smaller object and grain shape structure is very complex objects (such as COINS, tooth size), then choose picture type 3 d scanner on the degree of detail and accuracy has a strong advantage: if the scanned object is mechanical parts, automobile large-size workpiece plane appearance etc, then choose a handheld 3 d scanner has a strong advantage in accuracy and speed. Shanghai digital manufacturing co., LTD. Currently has two series of industrial 3D scanner and industrial 3D handheld laser scanner, which can meet customers’ various application requirements.

With the development of modern manufacturing industry, how to quickly and effectively improve the production efficiency and quality? The appearance of industrial 3D scanner not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the production cost. 3DSS series industrial 3D scanner and 3Dscan series handheld industrial 3D scanner are designed for various indoor and outdoor working places. It can be applied to complete automobile and parts, aerospace, rail transit, mechanical design and manufacturing, education and scientific research, architectural relics, 3D printing and other industries.

Professional and technical aspects: Shanghai digital manufacturing co., LTD has developed and produced a number of industrial grade 3D scanners, and obtained a number of invention patents, software independent intellectual property rights and a number of utility model patents and design patents. After-sales service: SDS has a perfect pre-sales training and after-sales service system. The service team promises that the customer service staff will respond online 24 hours, and the engineers will arrive at the customer site to solve problems within 48 hours.

Industrial grade 3D scanner which brand is good? Choose SHDM!

Post time: Sep-29-2019