LCD Desktop Size 3D Printer-3DLCD-220-14K

Short Description:

Using the new 10.1-inch 14K high-definition LCD screen monochrome imaging technology, efficiency increased by 400%, 223.78*126.98*250MM form size, meet the most requirements.

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Product features:

1. 14K HD pixel resolution, ensure printing accuracy, highly restore the real data;

2. monochrome imaging display technology, service life increased by 400%, the overall efficiency increased by 30%.

3. imported LED lamp beads, matrix light source, high efficiency and stable performance;

4. good material versatility, adapt to a variety of environmentally friendly resins, safe and odorless;

5. 3.5 inch touch screen, friendly interface, simple operation;

6. multi-use of one machine, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

LCD printer

Printing Cases

LCD 3D Printer-1
LCD 3D Printer-4
LCD 3D Printer-2
LCD 3D Printer-3

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