Why choose SLA 3D printer? What are the advantages of SLA 3D printers?
There are many types of 3D printing process, SLA 3D printer is currently the most commonly used. It has a relatively fast printing speed and higher printing accuracy than other 3D printers. The compatible material is photosensitive liquid resin.

SLA 3D printer:3DSL-800 (build volume: 800*600*550mm)
If you want to use 3D printer for product prototypes, appearance verification, size and structure verification, SLA 3D printers are all good choices. Here are some advantages and benefits of SLA 3D printing technology comparing with traditional processes:

SLA 3D printing technology improves work efficiency. SLA3D printers are can produce the model directly based on the CAD design, so it enables designers to see the rapid prototypes in their minds, ultimately saving time in the design process. This allows new or improved products to enter the market faster than traditional methods.
2. Space
An industrial SLA 3D printer occupies only a small area, and a small factory can accomodate dozens of 3D printers, saving a lot of space.
3. Environmentally friendly
Gypsum and glass fiber reinforced plastic are generally used with the traditional techniques to make large-scale sculpture crafts. During this period, a large amount of dust pollution and waste materials will be generated. While there is no dust, no waste, no pollution, no fear of environmental risks, when using SLA3D printers to make products.
4. Cost saving
SLA3D printing technology reduces a lot of costs.  SLA3D printers are unmanned intelligently manufacturing, so labor costs can be reduced. And since SLA3D printing is additive manufacturing instead of subtractive manufacturing, the process is almost wasteless. Although the materials used in traditional manufacturing methods are recyclable, the process of recycling materials is costly, and SLA3D printers does not produce too much waste that need recycling.
5. Complexity flexibility
SLA3D printing technology won’t be affected by complexity of the build part, many hollow or hollowed-out structures and other and personalized customization that can’t be produced by traditional processes can be completed by 3D printing to meet different product requirements,  such as complex hand model assembly verification, structure verification etc., and then make the mold for mass production.
SLA 3d Printed models show      

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Post time: May-12-2020