Photosensitive resin 3D printer refers to SLA industrial grade 3D printer with liquid resin as processing material, also known as photocuring 3D printer. It has a strong modeling ability, can make any geometric shape of the product, in the field of hand plate model production has been widely used. Hand-plate model production has gone through three stages of manual production, CNC carving and 3D printing, and the efficiency has been greatly improved.

Due to the high requirements on the size and accuracy of the hand-plate model, the most suitable 3D printing technology is SLA 3D lithography technology. SLA3D printers have their limitations. They can only print specific materials — photosensitive resins, which have properties similar to ABS plastics. Therefore, photosensitive resin 3D printer is mainly used to make plastic hand plate models, not suitable for metal hand plate models.

1. Appearance of handplate model

Appearance handplate is mainly used to check the appearance and size, and other properties of materials are not required. Photosensitive resin 3D printer can print the appearance handplate model of any shape with a high resolution. The more difficult the products are, the higher the efficiency of 3D printing will be and the lower the cost will be. Today, most of the exterior panels are made by 3D printers.

2. Structural handplate model

There are certain requirements on the strength of materials for structural handplates. Photosensitive resin 3D printer can meet the production of some structural handplates. For those with particularly high strength requirements, duplicate mold process or SLS nylon 3D printer can be used.

3. Small batch customization

For the small batch customization needs of some users, if it is only used for the general indoor decoration, it can be made by using the photosensitive resin 3D printer; if it requires a specific plastic material, or has high requirements on temperature and strength, it must be made by using the silica gel compound mold and the low-pressure perfusion process.

Use SLA photocuring 3D printer to print handplate model — customized handplate model in small batch

4. Soft rubber hand board model

Photosensitive resin has soft material and hard material, most of the time hand model use hard material, there are a few hand model will be used

Soft elastic material. This is where the 3D printer of soft material photosensitive resin comes in. It is usually used to make hand plates with silica-like properties.


5. Transparent hand plate model
In the past, transparent hand-plate models were usually made of acrylic carved by CNC machines, but now they are almost all replaced by photosensitive resin 3D printers. It can be made translucent and transparent effect, but also can be transparent on the basis of other colors.

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The manual model was printed by SLA photocuring 3D printer — fully transparent 3D printing manual

According to the industry division, photosensitive resin 3D printer can be used in almost all industries of hand-plate mold production process. Construction sand table model, home appliance handboard model, medical equipment handboard model, automobile handboard model, office equipment handboard model, computer digital handboard model, industrial SLA3D printer can be fully developed.

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