What kind of 3d printer is commonly used for 3d printing transparent model?

Use industrial sla 3d printer.


What kind of materials are commonly used for 3d printing transparent models?

Materials are generally colorless transparent photosensitive resin materials. 3d printing transparent photosensitive resin material is a kind of transparent photosensitive resin material. Compared with other photosensitive resin materials, its characteristic is transparency. It is very suitable for enterprises or individuals who want to make transparent products / templates / models.

Transparent photosensitive resin material has the following characteristics: transparent, printed product surface is very smooth, need to emphasize that the transparency of full transparent photosensitive resin is relatively high quality.

If 3d printing is to make a fully transparent model, it needs two steps to achieve.

The first step is to get the translucent model by 3d printing;

The second step: the printed translucent model is polished and polished to make its surface smooth, so as to become a fully transparent model. After two steps, if you spray another layer of varnish, the transparency will be better.

And the second step above is a process that requires our post-processing master to grind and polish the model in multiple steps, from coarse to subdivision, with different thickness sandpaper.

Transparent 3d printing model

The above pictures are for reference only. The transparency depends on the structure of the model. After printing, the transparent model needs to be polished manually, and the transparency will be slightly worse if it can not be polished.

dgsfgTransparent 3d printing + Post painting

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Post time: Sep-24-2020