Cultural relics and historic sites are the remains of wealth with cultural value created by human beings in social and historical practice. In today’s increasingly materialized society, the protection of cultural relics is extremely urgent and important. At the same time, the reasonable use of cultural relics and the full development of their historical value, scientific research value, educational function and image function will contribute to the harmonious development of the society and promote the progress of the society.

With the development of science and technology and technological innovation, 3D printing technology has been given full play in many fields, and as a digital rapid prototyping technology has been widely applied in various industries. Especially in the protection or restoration of ancient cultural relics, this technology USES 3D scanner and digital software to protect cultural relics and facilitate the restoration and reproduction of cultural relics.

Shanghai digital technology, a well-known 3D printing brand developer in China, has launched a series of 3D printing products to provide assistance for the protection of ancient buildings and cultural relics in China. According to the introduction of digital technology, 3D printing technology has a very practical value in the restoration or reconstruction of traditional Chinese cultural relics. Based on the concept of digitalization, 3D printing technology can transform ancient architectural relics into 3D digital model files for preservation, providing data support for future restoration or reconstruction.

Number made as early as in 2012, Shanghai electrical and mechanical technology co., LTD started to cooperate with suzhou museum, digital project was carried out on the part of the national cultural relics, according to the Shanghai number made technology engineer is introduced: “through to the suzhou museum collection of 3 d laser scanning, combined with reverse engineering 3 d data obtained, which can carry out the digital display and data preservation of cultural relics”


(celadon lotus bowl of yue kiln)


(digital model of lotus bowl of celadon from yue kiln)

金涂塔 金涂塔
(five generations of large gold coated pagoda made of copper)


(digital model of five generations of copper gold coated tower)

In addition, Shanghai digital technology co., ltd. also provides services for the museum to develop derivative products of cultural relics, combining science and technology with cultural creativity to promote the prosperity of cultural industry.

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Post time: Nov-14-2019