The 17th national exhibition of modern technical equipment and teaching materials for vocational education was held in chongqing international expo center on November 22. The overall solution of 3D training room construction at the forefront of digital manufacturing technology in the field of vocational education was presented at this exhibition.


Relying on years of accumulation in the 3D printing industry and the field of science and education, digital manufacturing technology provides professional services and cooperation in the construction of 3D laboratories, course system setting, teacher training, skills competition support, student employment guidance and other aspects of the school, and provides different supporting solutions according to the teaching needs of different stages. At present, it has provided 3D scanning equipment and 3D printer for hundreds of universities and vocational colleges, and helped schools build 3D printing majors. It has achieved great achievements in the education industry and won the unanimous recognition in the industry. In 2015, digital manufacturing technology participated in the formulation of national 3D printing training standards for higher vocational colleges. In 2016, the company’s founder, Dr. Zhao yi, was appointed as the member of the national additive manufacturing standardization technical committee.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition was the use of 3D printing technology to create a unique display of luminous words for 3D printing, creating an unrepeatable visual experience and attracting the attention of a large number of audience.



3D printing luminous character is a combination of traditional luminous character production technology and 3D printing technology, new material technology, intelligent manufacturing technology and other optimization and integration of the actual, in the production process no smell, no dust, no noise, suitable for customized and production in various environments; 3D printing luminous character has a stronger visual impact, appeal, beautiful and generous, quick and simple production, less labor cost.

Post time: Nov-25-2019