The advantages of 3D printing sculpture lie in the ability to create a neat, complex and accurate image, and can be easily scaled up and down. In these aspects, the traditional sculpture links can rely on the advantages of 3D printing technology, and many complicated and cumbersome processes can be eliminated. In addition, 3D printing technology also has advantages in the design of sculpture art creation, which can save sculptors a lot of time.

SLA 3D printing is one of the most commonly used manufacturing processes in the market of large-scale 3D printing sculpture at present. Due to the characteristics of resin materials, it is very suitable to display very detailed details and model structures. The sculpture models produced by light curing 3D printing are all semi-finished white molds, which can be manually polished, assembled and colored in the later stage to complete the following processes.

Advantages of SLA3D printer for printing large sculpture works:
(1) mature technology;
(2) processing speed, product production cycle is short, without cutting tools and molds;
(3) can be processed complex prototype and mold;
(4) make the CAD digital model intuitive, save production costs;
Online operation, remote control, conducive to the production of automation.

The following is the appreciation of large-scale 3D printing sculptures brought by Shanghai digital printing service center:1

3D printer prints large sculptures — Buddha statues
800*800*600mm equipment once molding, no need to splice


3D printing of large sculptures — dunhuang frescoes (3D data)


3D printer prints large sculptures — dunhuang frescoes with white numerical models

3D printer prints large sculpture — dunhuang fresco, and the finished product is displayed after the white digital model is colored

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Post time: Oct-29-2019