At present,the business groups across the country have begun to resume work.In order to ensure the smooth operation of your 3D printer,our technical service team is full of passion and provides 24-hour technical support.

Today,SHDM brings you this warm reminder and note for the resumption of the 3D printer.We hope to help customers protect their own health and safety also help the country win the battle against the epidemic.

ⅠDisinfection before you return to work

First of all, disinfect the printing room in all directions including the printer handle, mouse, keyboard.Please wear mask and goggles when entering or leaving the printing room.

There are two options for disinfectants:

1.75% alcohol


The alcohol concentration isn’t as higher as possible for epidemic prevention disinfection.The experts suggest 75% alcohol is better to eliminate this novel coronavirus.Ethanol flash point is 12.78℃.The fire risk belongs to class A.75% ethanol flash point is almost 22℃.The fire risk also belongs to class A.So please do not spray but wipe the 75% ethanol to avoid leakage.Keep the concentration in the air is less than 3% to prevent fire and maintain good indoor ventilation.To prevent the ethanol burns on an open fire if local spraying concentration is too large, no open flames when spraying disinfection outdoor is adopted.Not only the open flame,the static on the clothes also can cause an explosion if the spraying concentration is up to 3%.Please do not spray alcohol on your body.Smokers should avoid alcohol.Improper use of alcohol easily causes high-rise fire.Please use it carefully and pay attention to fire prevention.

1.Chlorine-containing disinfectant(Do not mix with other substances)


3.Chlorine disinfectant can dissolve in water then produces hypochlorous that can inactivate microbial activity.Such disinfectants include inorganic chlorine compounds(Like 84disinfectant, calcium hypochlorite, trisodium chloride phosphate etc.),Organochlorine compound(Like Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, trichloroisocyanurate, ammonium chloride T).Chlorine-containing disinfectants have certain oxidation, corrosion and sensitization.Excessive or long-term exposure may cause human burns.The chemical reactions may cause poisoning if it is mixed with other substances.

Note: Please store and use the alcohol and chlorine-containing disinfectant correctly.Do not mix storage, do not mix use.

Ⅱ Preparation before starting the equipment

1.Take good care of equipment and machines, pay attention to the environment clean, avoid dust dirtying optical devices.

2.Keep the ambient temperature at 25 ℃ (±2℃) and the humidity below 40% and the machines away from the light.

3.Close all the windows and doors in time when you come in or leave the printing room to prevent wet air from entering.

4.Use a clean clean cloth dipped in clean alcohol to wipe the bottom of the level sensor to ensure its stability.Use a clean workpiece to stir the resin under the level sensor to prevent the resin from producing the film which could result in inaccurate liquid level measurement when out of service for long period


5.Wipe the center of the power sensor with a clean cloth dipped in clean alcohol.Do not to wipe the edge of the black workpiece with alcohol to prevent paint loss.

6.Inspection of scraper motion mechanism.Add lubricating oil to the scraper guide rail and drive motor bearing from the rear of the equipment.Do not dip the lubricating oil into the resin.


7.Inspection of Z axis motion mechanism.Add lubricating oil to the Z axis drive motor and guide rail from the rear of the equipment.Do not dip the lubricating oil into the resin.


8.Cleaning the cutting edge of the scrapers.Be careful not to hurt your hands.


9.Open the drain to release the water from the water cooler and add the fresh distilled water to the water injection port if you use the water cooling laser.Watch the gauge and don’t add too much water.(Replace the fresh distilled water every two months to prevent water from fouling the laser during the cooling process.


Ⅲ After starting up the equipment

1.Open the control panel, set the terminal position to 10, and click the scraping test to make sure the scraper moves normally.


2.Open the control panel and set the terminal position to 300 to ensure normal z-axis movement meanwhile stir the resin in the resin tank.Z axis movement is set for 5 times to stir the resin fully.


3.Open the control panel and reset the scraper control back to zero,Z axis control back to zero.Click the liquid level control and observe whether the liquid level sensor value can be adjusted within ±0.1


4.Open the power detection.Make sure the laser points hit the laser power detector.Meanwhile observe test value of laser power was about 300MW.



You can start using the 3D printer after completing the above tasks.

If you encounter any problems during the equipment operation period,please contact the corresponding technical service engineer.We are at your service 7*24 hours.Emergency contact number:Mr.Zhao:18848950588
2020, we will overcome the difficulties and wait for‘spring’

2020, SHDM and you work together to create good results









Post time: Feb-14-2020