Nylon, also known as polyamide, is one of the most popular and versatile 3D printing materials on the market. Nylon is a synthetic polymer with wear resistance and toughness. It has higher strength and durability than ABS and PLA thermoplastics. These features make nylon 3D printing one of the ideal options for various 3D printing.


Why choose Nylon 3D printing?

It is very suitable for prototypes and functional components, such as gears and tools. Nylon can be reinforced with carbon fibers or glass fibers, so that light components have excellent mechanical properties. However, compared with ABS, nylon is not particularly hard. Therefore, if your parts need stiffness, you must consider using other materials to reinforce the parts.


Nylon has high rigidity and flexibility. This means that when you use thin-walled printing, your components will be flexible, and when you print thicker walls, your components will be rigid. This is very suitable for the production of movable hinges with rigid components and flexible joints.


Because parts printed in Nylon 3D usually have good surface finish, less post-processing is needed.


Combined with powder bed technologies such as SLS and MultiJet Fusion, Nylon 3D printing can be used to make mobile and interlocking components. This eliminates the need to assemble individual printing components and enables faster production of highly complex objects.

Because nylon is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs liquids, components can be easily colored in the dye bath after 3D printing of nylon.


Application Range of Nylon 3D Printing

Research and development of design appearance or functional test validation, such as hand plate processing

Small batch customization/personalized customization, such as 3D printing gift customization

To meet the needs of accurate, complex structure industry demonstration samples, such as aerospace, medical, die, such as 3D printing operation guide plate.


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Post time: Aug-29-2019