3D printing technology can change the way of future production. If 3D printing technology is mature and implemented, it will greatly save material costs, improve production efficiency, and greatly reduce the constraint of space on production.
Does 3D printing replace traditional manufacturing?
In the 3D printing industry, the rapid development of the 3D printing industry has driven the pace of intelligent manufacturing. Many people have continuously commented that 3D printing will replace the traditional production model and become the main force for the development of intelligent manufacturing in the future world. The author believes that in the future development, the 3D industry may replace the traditional working mode, but as long as certain conditions are not broken, the future of the 3D printing industry is more inclined to customized production.
Features of 3D printing
The characteristic of 3D printer is customized production, and its special production mode can print any complex items at will. 3D printing is more about taking a customized production route. If it is necessary to let it take the road of mass-production industrialization, the development of robotic arms may better meet the needs of enterprises. Therefore, 3D printing technology has advantages in the rapid manufacturing of small batch products and the manufacture of complex parts.
Large volume industrial SLA 3D printer made by SHDM, with one-click automatic intelligent typesetting function, is the unique choice for small batch customized production. As one of the first Chinese enterprises to develop and produce SLA 3D printers, Shanghai Digital Manufacturing Co., ltd. currently owns a variety of build volumes to meet the diversified requirements of clients, including : 360mmx360mmx300mm, 450mmx450mmx330mm, 600mmx600mmx400mm, 800mmx600mmx400/550mm and 800mmx800mmx550mm, and will be launched soon the ultra-big size of 1200mm*800*550mm and 1600mm*800*550mm in May, 2020.
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Post time: Mar-20-2020