For the advertising display industry, whether you can produce the display model you need quickly and at low cost is an important factor in whether you can accept orders. Now with 3D printing, everything is solved. It only takes two days to make a statue of Venus that is more than 2 meters high.

image001Shanghai DM 3D Technology Co., Ltd responded to the needs of a Shanghai advertising company. It took only 2 days to complete the 2.3-meter-high Venus statue after obtaining the data model of the Venus statue.

3D printing took one day, and post-processing such as cleaning, splicing and polishing took one day, and the production is completed in just two days. According to the advertisement, if they use other methods to produce, the construction period will take at least 15 days. Moreover, the cost of 3D printing is reduced by nearly 50% compared with other processes.


The general steps of 3D printing are: 3D data model → slice processing → print production → post-processing.

In the slicing process, we first divide the model into 11 modules, and then use 6 3D printers for 3D printing, and then glue the 11 modules into a whole, and after polishing, finally the 2.3-meter-high  Venus statue is finished.

Equipment used:

SLA 3D printer: 3DSL-600 (build volume: 600*600*400mm)

Features of 3DSL series of SLA 3D printer:

Large building size; good surface effect of printed parts; easy to perform post-processing; such as grinding; coloring, spraying, etc.; Compatible with a variety of printing materials, including rigid materials, transparent materials, translucent materials, etc.; resin tanks can be replaced; liquid level detection; technical patents such as control systems and remote monitoring systems which focus more on using experience of the clients.

Post time: Oct-16-2020