Shanghai Digital Manufacturing Co., LTD has been committed to continuous innovation in technology and continuous research and development in products. At present, it has a number of large-scale industrial 3D printers, and the control system, mechanical system and other core technologies of 3D printers are independently developed by the company, and it has completely independent intellectual property rights.

SLA large-scale industrial-grade 3D printer was manufactured in Shanghai, and the technology of SLA lithography Apparatus was adopted. It had a fully upgraded forming space and was capable of producing super-large models. With higher printing accuracy, it can directly print the model of production grade. At the same time, SLA large-scale industrial-grade 3D printer supports the independent adjustment of several performance parameters, provides a variety of operation programs, and meets the special requirements of different model making. It is an ideal choice for comprehensive laboratories, large r&d centers and research institutions. At present, it is widely used in education, medicine, automobile, archaeology, animation, industrial design, process design and other fields.



SLA large industrial grade 3D printer

High precision

High efficiency

High stability

Super endurance

Fixed spot scan and variable spot scan

One – click automatic typesetting function

Resin tank structure can be replaced to achieve more than one machine

Recently, a new 800mm*600mm*400mm large-size equipment has been introduced, among which the z-axis can be customized to form 100mm-500mm.


Performance characteristics of large-scale industrial 3D printer 3dsl-800hi:

1) the printing efficiency is significantly improved, with a high working efficiency of about 400g/h.

2) material properties have been greatly improved in strength, toughness and temperature resistance, reaching a level close to that of engineering application.

3) dimensional accuracy and stability are significantly improved.

4) the control software can handle multiple parts, with perfect automatic typesetting function.

5) for small batch production applications.


Parameters of 3dsl-800hi for large-scale industrial 3D printer:

Device model 3dsl-800hi

The molding size of XY axis is 800mm×600mm

Z axis molding size 400mm(standard), 100-550mm(customized)

The equipment size is 1400mm×1150mm×2250mm

The weight of the equipment is 1250KG

Starting material package 330KG (first slot 320KG+ add 10KG)

High molding efficiency up to 400g/h

The parts can weigh up to 80KG

The endurance weight of resin is 15KG

Molding accuracy ±0.1mm(L≤100mm), ±0.1%×L (L >100mm)

Resin heating method hot air heating (optional)

Scanning speed ≤10m/s


Case of 3dsl-800hi printing of large-scale industrial 3D printer:



Post time: Oct-18-2019