A biopharmaceutical company in Shanghai has built two new production lines of high-quality industrial equipment. The company decided to make a scaled down model of these two complex lines of industrial equipment to show its strength to customers more easily. The client assigned the task to SHDM.


The original model provided by the customer

Step 1: Convert to STL format file

At first, the customer only provided data in NWD format for 3D display, which did not meet the requirements of 3D printer printing. Finally, the 3D designer converts the data into an STL format that can be printed directly.


Model repair

Step 2: Modify the original data and increase the wall thickness

Because this model is a miniature after reduction, the thickness of many details is only 0.2mm. There is a big gap with our requirement of printing minimum wall thickness of 1mm, which will increase the risk of successful 3D printing. 3D designers can thicken and modify the details of the model through numerical modeling, so that the model can be applied to 3D printing!


Repaired 3D model

Step 3:3D printing

After the repair of the model is completed, the machine will be put into production. The 700*296*388(mm) model USES the 3DSL-800 large-size photocuring 3D printer independently developed by Digital Technologies. It takes more than 3 days to complete the integrated molding printing without segments.


At the beginning of model into

Step 4: Post-processing

The next step is to clean the model. Due to the complicated details, the post-processing is very difficult, so a responsible post-processing master is required to do fine processing and polishing before the final color can be painted.


Model in process


Model of the finished product


Delicate, complex and full of industrial beauty of the model announced the completion of production!

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Post time: Jul-31-2020