Screw- self- tapping is also called tapping, which may not be clear to the layman. In fact, it is to use a tool to make a thread on a part that is without thread, that is to say, to make a screw or nut out


Tapping is often needed for 3D printing model, especially when making assembly parts. 3D rapid prototype is generally for the verification of new products, so it is inevitable to meet the need of screw assembly in the design. If it is a standard specification screw, it will leave a screw hole position in the 3D printed model, then tap the nut at the position of the reserved screw hole, and the screw can be bought directly on the market.


SLA rapid prototype 


Of course, the screws bought in the market are inconsistent with the 3D printing model material, which affects the appearance, but it is not a big deal for the rapid prototype. However, some models for verifying the appearance still have certain requirements on the appearance. At this time, customers may ask for self- tapping screws. How to make self- tapping screws on 3D printing model? Tapping wrench or tapping machine will be used for self-tapping screw. Here we only introduce tapping wrench, because this is relatively simple and cheap. Customers can buy one by themselves. 


Tapping wrench

If you look at the picture above, many people will be blindfolded and don’t know how to operate it. If you look at the figure below, you can see that the tapping wrench is facing the screw hole drill. When tapping, you should pay attention to the balanced force and be perpendicular to the hole, otherwise the attack will not be good. Tapping to the required screw depth can be reversed out of the wrench, pay attention not to pull out directly.

Some people may ask, is it possible to print the screws and nuts together using 3D printing? Can’t a screw or nut be directly pushed on the prototype of CNC machining? The answer is yes. However, the model is rough and not accurate enough. Unless the screws and nuts are made of non-standard specifications, it must be 3D printed, because the tapping wrench is also standard specification. The model shown in the image below is printed directly by a 3D printer


3D printed screws are not as standard, but they can also be used. Finally, it should be noted that although tapping is a post-processing process in 3D printing, it is necessary to reserve the tapping position when designing the 3D drawing, because tapping will inevitably wear off the redundant parts, and if the wall thickness is too thin, it may be worn through. Industrial designers should pay attention to this.

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Post time: Sep-18-2020