Come to learn 3D technology

With the improvement of people’s living standards, personalized and diversified consumer demand has become the mainstream, the traditional processing technology has met unprecedented challenges. How to realize personalized customization with low cost, high quality and high efficiency? To some extent, 3D printing technology will play an increasingly important role, providing unlimited potential and possibilities for personalized customization.

Traditional personalized customization, because of the tedious process steps, high cost, often makes the general public prohibitive. 3D printing technology has the advantages of on-demand manufacturing, reducing waste by products, multiple combinations of materials, precise physical reproduction, and portable manufacturing. These advantages can reduce the manufacturing cost by about 50%, shorten the processing cycle by 70%, and realize the integration of design and manufacturing and complex manufacturing, which will not increase the extra cost, but greatly reduce the production cost. It will no longer be a dream for everyone to have the customized products of consumption level.

3D printed customized scene display

SHDM is for a Japanese new flagship store, a set of scene model is designed and manufactured by 3D printer according to the store display style. It is a combination of 3D printing technology and traditional craft. but especially shows the advantage of 3D printing when the traditional process cannot meet the demand of complex processing and manufacturing customization.
Bamboo scene model

Scene size: 3 m *5 m *0.1 m
Design inspiration: jump and collision

The black polka dot mirror space echoes the bamboo growing in the mountains and the base of the high mountains and flowing water.
The main components of the scene are: 25 bamboo trees with a wall thickness of 2.5mm and a base of mountain running water
3 bamboo sticks with diameter of 20cm and height of 2.4m;
10 bamboos with a diameter of 10cm and a height of 1.2m;
12 pieces of bamboo with 8cm in diameter and 1.9m in height;
Process selection: SLA (Stereolithography)
Production process: design-print-paint color
Lead time: 5 days
Printing and painting : 4 days
Assembly: 1 day
Material: more than 60,000 grams
Production process:
The model of bamboo scene was made by ZBrush software, and the hole on the base was drawn by UG software, and then exported the 3d model in STL format.
The base is made of pine wood and carved by machining. Due to the narrow elevator and corridor the customer’s flagship store, the base of 5 meters by 3 meters is divided into 9 blocks for printing.
The holes on the base are processed according to the 3D drawings, and each hole has an installation tolerance of 0.5mm to facilitate later assembly
The early stage of the small sample

Finished products

Technical advantages:

3D printing technology expands the customized visual effect and fineness of the model, and frees the display design model from the tedious constraints of traditional production methods. Printing technology will be the main form to show the future development of customization of design models

SHDM’S SLA 3D printing technology has a very unique advantage in making personalized custom models. It is made of photosensitive resin material, which is fast, accurate, and has a good surface quality, which is convenient for subsequent coloring. Accurate restoration design, and the production cost is far lower than the cost of traditional manual models, has been accepted and selected by more and more people in the industry.

Post time: Mar-04-2020