With the continuous development and maturity of 3D printing technology, the demand for industrial 3D printers is increasing. With the rapid development of industrial 3D printing technology in the market, how can we quickly choose the best industrial 3D printer in line with the application requirements from the numerous industrial 3D printing equipment?

First of all, a clear request, you need the common technology of FDM, SLM, POLYJET, MJP, SLA, DLP, EBM, and so on, each kind of material manufacturing technology similar to the traditional process of car, milling, planing, grinding, just kind of process, but it is limited, can solution this time need to pass your needs to determine what kind of process you need to type.


Followed by considering industrial 3 d printers use environment, different demand determines the different technology of 3 d printing devices, SLA, DLP by using open deposit of resin, the highest environmental requirements, require constant temperature and humidity, temperature in the best control in 22 ° – 26 °, humidity in 40% or less, low amount of ultraviolet rays in the room, avoid light, provide specific printing place, etc.

Again, the choice of 3D printing materials. 3 d printing can use the growing variety of materials, but the reality is often still not really and exactly match your demand of material, the existing printing can print materials are only a limited number of a certain category, Suggestions on the choice of materials for equipment manufacturers to provide detailed material parameter table, to know whether there are alternative or similar material can achieve the final requirements.

Finally, after purchasing industrial-grade 3D printers, it is very important to have abundant spare parts and a mature after-sales team as the backing. 3D printing equipment has a high degree of automation. As long as it is done in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s process, the failure rate is generally very low, which does not exclude the market to confuse the best with the best. Some equipment is shoddy, so having a professional buying consultant can get twice the result with half the effort, after all, every industrial-grade 3D printer is expensive.

Shanghai Digital Manufacturing co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers. SL series of light-curing 3D printers independently developed have the following performance characteristics:

Highly flexible, it can produce any 3D solid models of any complex structure, and the production cost is almost independent of the complexity of the product.

CAD model direct driving, the molding process is completely digital, no special fixtures or tools are required, and design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is highly integrated.

High accuracy,±0.1%

Highly reductive, capable of making very fine details, thin walls

Mold surface quality is excellent

Fast speed

Highly automated: the process is fully automated, the process requires no human intervention, and the equipment can be unattended.

Post time: Jul-26-2019