In recent years, with the continuous progress and maturity of 3D printing technology, its application in various fields has also continued to deepen,

The development prospects of 3D printing in various industries are also optimistic about more people. Especially in the manufacturing industry, more and more friends want to join the 3D printing industry and start business with 3D printers. So, how do ordinary people benefit from 3D printers? Most people today adopt the following measures:

1. Being the reseller or distributors of 3D printers and consumables

3D printers are currently under rapid development in both the industrial and civil fields. It has been applied in many levels, industries, and fields in the civil field which the needs of ordinary consumers can be met. Industry applications such as factories and low-cost entrepreneurship have been greatly promoted, and the current industry demand is also increasing. Civil printing continues to develop in a wider field, with further development in building volume, printing time, and printing consumables.
At this stage, domestic and foreign 3D printer machinery and equipment are more common in consumer products market: electronic devices, dentistry, industrial machinery and equipment, automotive industry, aerospace and other application fields. Among them, desktop-level 3D printer equipment is mainly focused on maker education, classroom teaching purchase, individual players, etc.

2. Provide customized 3D printing service using the 3D printer

For some individual or enterprises it is not realistic to purchase the 3D printer for the manpower and budget limitations, so not many people owns 3D printers at the current stage, and some clients that have printing requirements have to outsource 3D printing companies for the 3D printing. So it is the benefit point for capable companies to purchase 3D printers and provide rapid prototyping service. And for the plastic rapid prototype, clients mainly use industrial SLA 3D printers.

3. Provide 3D education or hold training activities

This mainly includes 3D printer maker education and 3D printer vocational education. Through the combination of 3D printing technology and intelligent robots or other technologies, 3D printing maker education is at the peak time. While the vocational education is still in the early stages of development. As the development of the 3D printer industry gradually matures, application of 3D printer in vocational education even has bigger imagination.

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Post time: May-29-2020