In recent years,3D printing technology is gradually matured in shoe making.Shoe models,shoe molds and even the finished shoe soles can be molded by 3D printing rapidly.Well-known shoe companies at home and abroad have also launched 3D printed sneakers.


Some shoe models presented in Nike Store

The main application of 3D printing technology in shoe making:

(1) Replace wood mold.3D printer directly produces the shoe prototype in 360 degrees that can be foundry casting.Shorter time, saving in labor and material,more complex shoe pattern.More flexible and efficient processing process. Noise, dust, corrosion pollution reduce.

(2) Six-sided models printing: The six-sided mold can be printed as a whole.No need knife path editing, knife change, platform rotation and other operations.The characteristics of each shoe model are reflected accurately.The 3D printer can print multiple models of different specifications at one time, which significantly improves the printing efficiency.

(3) Fitting and proofing: slipper, boot and other developed sample shoes shall be provided with fitting samples before formal production.Shoe models can be printed in soft material to test the coordination between the shoe tree, the upper and the sole. 3D printing technology can directly print the fitting mold completely, effectively shortening the design cycle of shoes.


High precision shoe mold 3D printer——Samples from Digital Manu

Footwear users uses 3D printer in shoe mold,mold making and other processes to effectively reduce the labor cost and improve the efficiency of mold making.Some fine structures that cannot be made by conventional processes like Hollow out, barb, bite flower can also be produced.


High precision shoe mold 3D printer — 3dsl-800hi shoe mold 3D printer

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Post time: Jan-14-2020