On November 19, 2019, Formnext 2019, the world's largest anticipated 3D printer exhibition, opened in Frankfurt, Germany, with 868 3D printing and upstream and downstream enterprises from around the world participating.


As a global supplier of high-quality industrial 3D printing solutions, SHDM exhibited industrial 3D printers, 3D scanner and industrial application solutions.


Two series of products are exhibited in this exhibition:first, 3dsl-hi series of SLA curing 3D printers for rapid prototyping; second, 3DSS series of photo-taking 3D scanning equipment for scanning modeling. The products have a variety of types, which can meet customer needs from prototyping to reverse scanning. By the enthusiastic attention of the audience. 

About 3dsl-hi series light curing 3D printer

Performance characteristics:

Tick the high accuracy

Tick the efficient

√ speckle scan

√ vacuum adsorption system

√ replaceable resin groove structure

√ patented lift resin tank design

√ for batch printing, support multi - part copying and one - click automatic typesetting

It is easy to print concept model, verify prototype and digital manufacturing model, which has been used in industrial design, mold manufacturing, automobile and parts, medical treatment and orthopedics, cultural innovation and other fields, and has been favored by domestic and foreign industrial customers for a long time.


Post time: Dec-12-2019