Shanghai digital manufacturing 3DSL series photocurable 3D printer is a commercial large-scale industrial level 3D printer, which is currently deeply used in dentistry, and is an important equipment for making tooth models for invisible tooth cover manufacturers at home and abroad.


Invisible braces are a revolutionary product for orthodontics. They are more beautiful, scientific and hygienic than steel wire braces. The wire braces are adjusted by the doctor with pliers. The precision is not enough, the recovery is slow, and complications are easy to occur. However, according to the actual situation of the patients, the invisible braces can be corrected step by step through computer software, and the whole correction process is clearly predictable and controllable. Moreover, the appearance of invisible braces is incomparable to steel wire braces.

The shape and arrangement of each person’s teeth are not the same. The traditional tooth mold making mainly relies on the experience and skills of the master, from turning over the mold, casting to polishing and inlaying, any link error will affect the anastomosis. 3D printing technology can achieve rapid and accurate “customized” printing of tooth models, invisible braces or denture models.

A patient’s orthodontic treatment often needs dozens or even hundreds of orthodontic treatment. Each minor orthodontic treatment requires a set of independently numbered braces, and each set of braces needs a corresponding dental model prototype. The dentist USES a 3D dental scanner to scan the patient’s tooth data, which is then transmitted over the Internet to a 3D printer, which prints the data to create personalized dental prototypes.


Highlights of Shanghai digital dental 3D printer:

High precision

High efficiency

High stability

Super endurance

Fixed spot scan and variable spot scan

One – click automatic typesetting function

Resin tank structure can be replaced to achieve more than one machine

Recently, a new 800mm*600mm*400mm large-size equipment has been introduced, among which the z-axis can be customized to form 100mm-500mm.

Shanghai digital dental model 3D printer 3dsl-800hi performance features:

The printing efficiency is obviously improved, and the working efficiency can reach about 400g/h.

2) material properties have been greatly improved in strength, toughness and temperature resistance, reaching a level close to that of engineering application.

3) dimensional accuracy and stability are significantly improved.

4) the control software can handle multiple parts, with perfect automatic typesetting function.

5) for small batch production applications.

Through digital manufacturing technology, large-size photocurable 3D printer is used to make dental molds. The cost of each dental mold is less than one yuan, and it has become an indispensable 3D printer of dental molds for manufacturers of invisible braces.

Post time: Oct-21-2019