Electrical and electronic appliances are essential for people’s life, such as air conditioning, LCD TV, refrigerator, washing machine, audio, vacuum cleaner, electric fan, heater, electric kettle, coffee pot, rice cooker, juicer, mixer, microwave oven, toaster, paper shredder, mobile phone, various small household appliances and so on. In order to win the favor of consumers and pursue the stability of appearance fashion and performance, manufacturers must constantly introduce better and better new products to make profits in the fiercely competitive market. The speed of renewal is increasing year by year.

For example, small household appliances generally focus on surface modeling changes. If we directly use computer three-dimensional drawing in the design, it will always be half the effort. Even if the model is established, its subsequent revision is also poor. If the opposite is true, we can obtain three-dimensional mapping by reverse engineering technology (commonly known as transcription). The data of three-dimensional model can be used to make hand-plate model, which can greatly improve the efficiency of design.

In addition, the characteristics of electronic products are small, thin and soft, and there are many thin-walled parts. Traditional contact measurement methods are often not applicable. In the process of product design, design visualization is very important, and it is the cornerstone of design communication and design improvement. Using 3D printing technology to quickly produce the physical model of design, compared with planar 2D model or virtual 3D model in computer, intuitive model of the hand can reflect more design details, more intuitive and reliable. It is understood that Panasonic uses a 3D printer to shorten the production time of the mold by half and greatly reduce the cost, thus reducing the production cost of resin products.

Application of 3D Printer in Electronic Industry

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Post time: Aug-02-2019