3D Printing Industrial Gear Model:

Case Brief: Customer is a professional manufacturer of high strength screw, precision electronic screw and special-shaped parts for locomotive, which integrates R&D, production and sales. There is a product, one of the gear parts is made of plastic, which requires toughness, strength, durability and so on.


Problems to be solved: in the development of new products, it is difficult to process this kind of plastic gear by traditional machining, and the cost of single room is higher; the cost of manufacturing by die is more expensive and the cycle is longer. In view of the advantages of 3D printing technology in saving cost and shortening R&D cycle, customers choose 3D printing.


Solution: According to the toughness, strength and durability material requirements put forward by customers, Shanghai Digital 3D Printing Service Center recommended the Nylon Sintering 3D Printing Scheme, which was adopted by customers.


Time-consuming: It takes 2 days to get data from three-dimensional scanning to print out the finished model.


Gear data acquisition by three-dimensional scanning


In fact, in addition to nylon 3D printing industrial gear model, resin material is also a good choice. The model printed by photosensitive resin material has good surface effect, high printing accuracy and low printing cost. It is one of the most selected 3D printing materials in the industrial market at present. Shanghai Digital has dozens of sla  3D printers. In addition to selling 3D printer equipment, it also provides printing and processing services to the outside world. Welcome customers to call for consultation and cooperation!

Post time: Sep-16-2019