Over the past few years, we have begun to see many mainstream artists using 3D printing technology in their creations. Whether it’s fashion art design, fantastic transparent relief, or even some sculpture creation, this technology is showing its value in all fields of art.

Today, we appreciate the outdoor installation art of 3D printing raindrops made by Shanghai Digital 3D Printing Service Center for Canada Goose, a North American down suit brand.

In April, everything recovered and spring rained heavily.

Goose “DAY ANYWHERE” Installation Art

Airborne Sanlitun North District, Beijing

Creating Spring Card Holy Land

13D Printing Goose “DAY ANYWHERE” Installation Art


3D Printing Goose “DAY ANYWHERE” Installation Art

Inspiration for the device comes from spring raindrops

Meet the water and reveal the delicate moment

Fast-changing tones can pop up.


3D Printing Goose “DAY ANYWHERE” Installation Art

This water droplet model is printed with white photosensitive resin material. The surface of the model is kept white by the designer’s spray paint treatment. Through the inner fountain device, the model changes color when it meets water and produces a rapidly changing tone.


3D Printing Goose “DAY ANYWHERE” Installation Art

Art originates from life and is higher than life. When 3D printing technology and works of art are integrated and integrated with fashion, the raindrops in spring produce brilliant colors.

Post time: Aug-20-2019