3D printing food delivery robot at work
With its advanced 3D printing technology and Shanghai Yingjisi, a well-known intelligent robot R & D center in Shanghai, SHDM has created a highly competitive human-like food delivery robot in China. The perfect combination of 3D printers and intelligent robots also fully heralded the arrival of the “Industry 4.0″ era and “Made in China 2025″.
This food delivery service robot has practical functions such as automatic meal delivery, empty tray recovery, dish introduction, and voice broadcast. It integrates technologies such as 3D printing, mobile robots, multi-sensor information fusion and navigation, and multi-modal human-computer interaction. The realistic and vivid appearance of the robot is efficiently completed by Shanghai Digital Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It uses a DC motor to drive the two-wheel differential travel of the food truck. The design is novel and unique.
In today’s society, labor costs are extremely high, and there are large growth spaces for meal delivery robots in some alternative links, such as welcome, tea delivery, meal delivery, and ordering. Simpler links can replace or partially replace current restaurant waiters as customers Service, reduce the number of service personnel, and reduce employment costs. At the same time, it can enhance the image of the restaurant, increase the pleasure of customers to dine, achieve the eye-catching effect, form a differentiated cultural operation for the restaurant, and bring economic benefits.
3D printed meal delivery robot renderings
Main functions:
Obstacle avoidance function: When people and objects appear on the robot’s forward path, the robot will warn, and autonomously determine to take detours or emergency stops and other actions to prevent touching people and objects.
Movement function: You can walk along the track autonomously in the designated area to reach the position specified by the user, or you can control its walking through the remote control.
Voice function: The robot has a voice output function, which can introduce dishes, prompt customers to take meals, avoid, etc.
Rechargeable battery: with power detection function, when the power is lower than the set value, it can automatically alarm, prompting to charge or replace the battery.
Meal delivery service: When the kitchen has prepared the meal, the robot can go to the meal picking place, and the staff will put the dishes on the robot’s cart, and enter the table (or box) and the corresponding table number through the remote control device or the relevant button of the robot body Confirm the information. The robot moves to the table, and the voice prompts the customer to pick it up or wait for the waiter to bring the dishes and drinks to the table. When the dishes or beverages are taken away, the robot will prompt the customer or waiter to touch the relevant return button, and the robot will return to the waiting point or the meal pick-up area according to the task schedule.
Multiple 3D printing robots deliver meals at the same time
Robot is delivering food
The food delivery robot arrives at the designated table

Post time: Apr-16-2020