Many non-standard parts are not required for large quantities in use, and can’t be processed by CNC machine tools. The cost of mold opening production is too high, but this part has to be used. So, consider 3D printing technology.

Case Brief

The customer has a product, one of the gear parts is made of plastic, which requires toughness, strength, durability, etc. The problem encountered by the customer: During development, this kind of plastic gear is difficult to process, it is more expensive to use molds, and the cycle is long;

Case characteristics

In product development, the customer has a plastic gear component that requires toughness, strength, and durability. The customer’s plastic gears are difficult to process with traditional machining, and the cost of per piece is high; mold manufacturing costs are more expensive, and the cycle is long. In view of the cost and development cycle, the customer chose 3D printing from Shanghai DM 3D Technology Co., Ltd.

According to customer requirements, our company chose nylon materials and industrial-grade FDM 3D printers to meet customer requirements, with low cost and short cycle (time 2 days)


Post time: Oct-16-2020