The progress of The Times is always accompanied by the innovation of science and technology. Today’s rapidly developing 3D printing technology, which is a high-tech computer engraving technology, has been widely used in many fields. In art, 3D printing is not uncommon. Some even predict that 3D printing will replace traditional sculpture methods, which may eventually lead to the demise of sculpture. So much so that some 3D printer manufacturers advertise: “3D printing, everyone is a sculptor.” With the continuous development and application of 3D printing technology, is the training of traditional sculpture modeling ability and techniques still necessary?

3D printed sculpture models

The advantages of 3D printing sculpture lie in the ability to create a neat, complex and accurate image, and can be easily scaled up and down. In these aspects, the traditional sculpture links can rely on the advantages of 3D printing technology, and many complicated and cumbersome processes can be eliminated. In addition, 3D printing technology also has advantages in the design of sculpture art creation, which can save sculptors a lot of time. However, 3D printing technology can never completely replace the work of sculptors. Sculpture is a process of artistic creation, which requires not only the hands and eyes of sculptors, but also the whole body and mind of the artist, including emotions, imagination, thoughts and other factors. Excellent sculpture works always move people’s hearts, which shows that in the creation of sculpture, the author is infused with his vitality, a work with character is beautiful, but also the embodiment of the sculptor’s artistic life. And a sculpture that is merely a passive imitation or facsimile is not a work of art. So if there is no art, what is created is a soulless object, not a work of art. In essence, the completion of the design draft of 3D printing technology cannot be separated from the spatial imagination and professional artistic quality of sculptors, and the artistic charm of traditional sculpture cannot be presented by machines. Specific to the different sculptor’s personal style and artistic charm, is not a machine. If 3D printing technology is not combined with art, the printed sculpture will be rigid, rigid, lifeless and stereotyped. The sculpture works created by sculptors can move people and attract people, often because flesh and blood, full of vitality. As a tool, 3D printing technology must be combined with art. Only in the hands of artists can it play its greatest role in serving art.
The advantages of 3D printing in technology are obvious, which can promote the diversified expansion of sculpture art in form, content and materials. With the rapid development of high technology today, sculptors should adopt a free and open attitude to introduce this new technology for our use and explore and innovate in a broader field. We should further expand our horizon, continue to understand and explore other disciplines and unknown fields, and realize the interaction between the development of 3D printing technology and realistic sculpture art. It is believed that in the near future, under the new situation, adhering to the application of art to science and technology and the perfect integration of 3D printing technology and sculpture art will surely bring new changes to sculpture art and expand new creation space.

Post time: Sep-26-2019