DLP 3D Printer-DLP-90

Short Description:

DLP-90 series is compact desktop SLA 3D printer. It is equipped with imported UV LED light source, anti-aliasing function, full-color touch screen, efficient levelling, powerful software, and high-precision mechanical transmission components, providing printing resolution of ±20-50μm. It can be applied to multiple fields, such as jewelry design, creative education, industrial design, dentistry, and animation, etc.

Product Detail



1.Enable users to print normal photosensitive resin, dental photosensitive resin, and jewelry dewaxing casting material.

2.Manual/ automatic mesh support function installed (manual mesh support is recommended).

3.Powerful software and high-precision mechanical transmission components, printing precision is ±20-50μm.

4.Integrate 3D printing and solidification technique, allows rapid re-solidification after cleansing.

5.Unique light intensity calibration compensation technique, effectively avoid printing failure caused by uneven light or light source depletion, greatly improves printing sucess rate.


Dentistry, industry, jewelry, education, design, etc

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  • Model DLP-90
    Light source Texas Instruments UV LED optic system
    Wave length /
    Z-axis lifting system /
    Mold dimensions 90*56*150mm
    Equipment dimensions 300*270*580mmm
    Resin tank Aluminium-alloy tank; multiple protective separation technique greatly improves tank service life to 2-3 times of that of normal tank.
    Layer thickness 0.005~0.1mm, normal 0.05mm
    X,Y resolution 0.075mm
    Supported formats STL、SLC
    Printing method USB offline printing, network printing
    Operation system Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/10, MAC, Linux 
    Power supply  100-240V, 50-60HZ, 230W
    Net weight 21kg
    Slicing software  3D Creator Slicer for DP
    Material Ordinary rigid photosensitive resin, standard resin, elastomeric resin, highly-resistant resin,dental resin
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